Doctoral entrance exams were held at ASOSU

07.09.2022 15:54 972 review

The entrance exam for doctoral studies in the field of philosophy was held at the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASSU).

"Tehsil.biz" was informed about this by ASOSU.

241 out of 261 candidates registered in the exam from 6 higher educational institutions (Azerbaijan Technical University, Azerbaijan State Economic University, Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University, Sumgayit State University, Baku Engineering University) and NQGTP ET under ASOSU together with Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University. participated. The results were evaluated by a commission consisting of 7 people. 227 applicants successfully passed the exam. 14 people were assessed as unacceptable.

The results of the admission exams for doctoral studies in "Philosophy" at ASOSU have been posted on the university's website.

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