A young researcher at a conference of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy

31.05.2023 16:02 270 review

Gunel Aliyeva, a young researcher of the Nanoresearch laboratory of the Excellence Center for Research, Development and Innovations of Baku State University (BSU), participated in the "Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2023" conference traditionally organized at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Rome, Italy.

"Tehsil.biz" was informed about this by BSU.

It was reported that Gunel Aliyeva made a speech at the conference entitled "Surface functionalization of graphene oxide nanolayers with Schiff bases based on non-covalent interactions". In the research work submitted to the report, information was given on the synthesis of graphene oxide and its study using modern physicochemical research methods. Speaking about the application of supramolecular structures in targeted drug delivery, which is a new field of chemical research in the last five years, Gunel Aliyeva drew attention to the complex structures formed by the association of several parts (covalent or non-covalent) and the new chemical properties resulting from this high complexity.

After Gunel Aliyeva's report, discussions were held on the application of new structures in solving environmental problems and the creation of cooperation in this direction.

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