The work of ADPU scientists was published in Germany

31.05.2023 15:35 275 review

Professor Iramin Isayev, head of the Department of General Pedagogy of the Faculty of History and Geography of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (ADPU) and associate professor of the department, Muslim Nazarov, "On the history of the study of A.O. Chernyaevsky's pedagogical heritage" book was published in English in Germany.

"Tehsil.biz" was informed about this by ADPU.

The book talks about the pedagogical activity and pedagogical meetings of A.O. Chernyaevsky, an outstanding educationalist who rendered special services in the development of the Azerbaijani school and pedagogical thought, and in the training of teachers and pedagogical personnel, as well as his role in the establishment of Azerbaijan-Russian pedagogical relations in the second half of the 19th century.

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