"They still look down on those who come from the village with this mindset"

21.06.2023 12:37 282 review

Director of "Space TV" Vado Korovin started reforms in television. A program about Ilham Mirzayev, who was arrested on charges of fraud, was aired on this television. It seems that he intends to return Mirzayev to television. I thought that teacher Vado would start reforms by organizing programs related to education and science."

Tehsil.biz informs that this was said by deputy Etibar Aliyev.

The deputy noted that the opposite of his expectations happened:

"He gave priority to false science. Probably, in the near future, I. Mirzayev will ridicule the science of "Psychology", which he does not know the alphabet of, "don't get bored", "don't worry", "it will be fixed", "God willing, it will be good", "try, don't get stressed" ” will give psychological advice. Instead of making such people talk, the number of cartoons should be increased. Children are bored."

"Bahram Bagyrzade whistles at the wedding, while Murad Dadashov is immersed in deep thoughts. If you read the famous Sufi fable "The Elephant Doctor", the issue will be clear to you. With this mindset, they still look down on those who come from the village," said Etibar Aliyev.

Kanan Nagibeyli

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