An exhibition book exhibition named "Mikayil Mushfiq-115" was held at BSU

06.06.2023 14:45 303 review

The Scientific Library of Baku State University (BSU) has organized a book exhibition called "Mikayil Mushfig - 115" on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the birth of poet Mikayil Mushfig, a prominent representative of Azerbaijani poetry.

BSU told "Tehsil.biz" that despite his short life at the exhibition, the works of Mikayil Mushfig, who left deep traces in our literature with his interesting and original works, published in Azerbaijani and Russian languages, edited, translated, and about 30 works written about the poet the book takes place. "Telegraph Wires" (1966), "Broken Pottery" (1968), "It Was a Garden Again" (1976), "The Rock" (1978), "Zveni, Tar" (1981), "Battles" (1987), " Love of life" (1988) and others. In the exhibition where books like

The exhibition will be open to visitors until the end of the week.

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