148 years have passed since the establishment of Azerbaijan National Press

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Today, 148 years have passed since the establishment of the National Press of Azerbaijan.

Tehsil.biz reports that the first press in the country was founded by Hasan Bey Zardabi. July 22, when "Akinchi" newspaper started publishing, is celebrated as National Press Day in Azerbaijan.

Therefore, the founder of the Azerbaijani press is Hasan Bey Zardabi.

After great difficulties, he received permission to publish "Akinchi" newspaper in his native language in Baku. The first issue of this newspaper was published on July 22, 1875. The publication of the "Akinchi" newspaper caused an echo throughout the Caucasus. During the years 1875-1877, 56 issues of the newspaper were published. "Akinchi" newspaper played a great role in the national awakening of our people and strengthening of national unity. However, the life of "Akinchi" did not last long.

Czarist Russia began to avoid the newspaper's role in educating people, making them more familiar with social and political processes, and eventually stopped publishing the newspaper.

Since then, the Azerbaijani press, which has gone through various periods of decline and renaissance, has always played the role of a mirror reflecting the society's view of the processes.


The abolition of censorship in August 1998 gave a serious impetus to the development of the press in Azerbaijan.

After Azerbaijan regained its independence, the return to many national and moral values was also manifested in the media. Today, hundreds of press organizations - newspapers and magazines - operate in our country. The state of Azerbaijan always pays great attention to the development of this field.

The year 2020 was marked by the historic Karabakh Victory for our country. The mass media contributed to the Victory in the 44-day Patriotic War. The mass media representatives fought on the front lines with true selflessness and conveyed our true voice to the world with their reports.

"Tehsil.biz" congratulates all our colleagues!

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