Maleyka Abbaszadeh: "All opportunities are available for young people"

15.07.2023 12:39 284 review

Today, the young people with the highest results here have reached the finals. This is an indicator of the high results you showed in the entrance exams, it is the foundation of promotion".

Tehsil.biz informs that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Examination Center Maleyka Abbaszade expressed these views at the opening ceremony of the final stage of the third "Yukselis" competition.

The Chairman of the State Council of State noted that the 100th anniversary of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev was celebrated in Azerbaijan this year, and that Heydar Aliyev was a genius.

"I would love to have a chance to see how successful you will be in 20 years. In 2001-2002, Heydar Aliyev met with the applicants who showed the highest results in the entrance exams. 20 years have passed and we met and interviewed those people again this year. I recommend everyone to watch those interviews. Every interview is an experience, a way of life. The views expressed by the Great Leader in that meeting are still relevant today. He always thought about the youth of Azerbaijan. Today, those young people are in great positions, they have become personalities who speak their words in their fields. You are an expert formed during independence. President Ilham Aliyev continues the path of the Great Leader and all opportunities for young people are available in our country. The formula that combines the verbs to want and to be is labor and knowledge. Everyone writes this formula himself. The key to writing that formula is knowledge and science. I wish all of you success."

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