Only one student studies in this Chinese school

20.06.2023 14:21 259 review

Currently, the leading country in the world in terms of population is China.

According to "Tehsil.biz", the population is unevenly distributed across the country.

In Beijing and Shanghai, the limit is applied to reduce the population. In addition, the population is mainly concentrated in the eastern part.

Uneven settlement is sometimes reflected in the number of children in schools. Thus, although there were 50 teachers and 300 students at Fei Elementary School in China, now only one student is studying in the school due to the migration of people living in the areas near the school to bigger cities.

The school is located in a mountainous area and there is a teacher working for this student. All the subjects of the primary school program are taught by the same teacher. We can see how much importance the Chinese government attaches to education in this small school.

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