A scientific seminar on the structure of modern urban planning was held at AzMIU

24.11.2022 12:30 403 review

A scientific seminar was organized by the electronic library of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (AzMIU).

AzMIU told "Tehsil.biz" that the vice-rector for science and innovation, Professor Nigar Aslanova, employees of the Faculty of Architecture, graduate students and fourth-year students participated in the seminar.

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture Fidan Mustafayeva, an employee of the Department of Fundamentals of Architecture, made a speech on the topic "The importance of recreation zones in the structure of modern urban planning". The speaker will provide a comprehensive analysis of recreation zones in large cities, recreation zones of large cities in Azerbaijan and Western Europe, new concepts for designing recreation zones, etc. touched on current issues.

At the end, opinions were exchanged on the topic, and the questions of the seminar participants were answered by the speaker.

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