The 30th anniversary event of YAP was held at the Ministry of Science and Education

22.11.2022 11:00 406 review

On November 21, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), a meeting was held with the veteran party members working in the Ministry of Science and Education and the employees newly accepted into the party ranks.

Tehsil.biz informs that Firudin Gurbanov, Deputy Minister of Science and Education, speaking at the meeting, spoke about the history of the New Azerbaijan Party.

  Later, Rauf Orujov, chairman of the Territorial Party Organization, party activists Ahliyet Adigozalov, Farzali Gadirov and others expressed their opinions about the path of YAP and its role in society.

During the meeting, the work done by the educational community in the direction of the party's activities was also discussed.

At the meeting, tickets were presented to new members of the Board of Directors of the Party Organization of the Ministry of Science and Education.

At the end, veteran party members were given gifts.

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