From the new academic year, personnel training in the field of marketing begins at BMU

22.06.2023 12:12 335 review

From the 2023/2024 academic year, personnel training in the "Marketing" specialty will be conducted at the Baku Engineering University (BMU).

BMU informed "Tehsil.biz" about this.

This specialty, newly included in the admission plan for the next academic year, is considered one of the most important functions of business in modern times, perhaps the first. Because the enterprises that are the subjects of the economy are operating in the conditions of the market economy in a serious competition. It is thanks to the marketing function that enterprises can stand up, develop and grow in a fiercely competitive environment. In the current conditions, without conducting appropriate marketing research, without correctly defining the target market, without ensuring customer satisfaction, without building an optimal product mix, evaluation, distribution, stimulation, etc. It is impossible to show effective business activity without approaching such issues from a scientific and practical point of view.

For the realization of all these listed, it is important to have high-level marketing personnel. As a result, personnel training in the specialty "Marketing" is of great importance from the point of view of the socio-economic development of the country as a whole, especially the enterprises. Taking into account these needs, the said specialty, newly included in the admission plan, will be taught in the department of business management of the Faculty of Economics and Management of BMU.

Of course, in addition to the provision of highly qualified personnel training, the job opportunities and advantages created by the qualification are also important. In this regard, non-governmental organizations, charitable societies, state institutions, and even individuals in the context of personal brand formation, especially business structures in all areas of the economy, are in serious need of professional marketing specialists. Because marketing serves not only to obtain profit from a material point of view, but also to form a positive public opinion.

It should be noted that for the 2023/2024 academic year, a total of 1,308 planned places have been allocated in 30 specialties at the bachelor's level of BMU (https://beu.edu.az/az/article/bmu-nun-2023-2024-cu- new-qualifications-in-the-admission-plan-for-the-academic-year-1641). Of them, 795 places are intended for the Azerbaijani section, and 513 places for the English section. The specialties included in the admission plan for the new academic year at the undergraduate level include "International trade and logistics", "Marketing", "Communication systems engineering", "Materials engineering", "Mechatronics and robotics" engineering.

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