The Earth has passed the farthest distance from the Sun

07.07.2023 10:01 308 review

Today at 00:07 the Earth passed through the aphelion of its orbit.

Tehsil.biz informs that the Shamakhi Astrophysics Observatory has received information about this.

It was reported that as a result, the Earth has moved away from the Sun as much as possible.

The cost of this distance is equal to 152,098,232 km. At this time, the apparent size of the Sun's disk was reduced by ~3% to a minimal price (31′31″).

It is the eccentricity of the orbit that controls the circle of the planet's orbit. the distance of the planet from the Sun does not remain constant but changes. The closest point of Earth's orbit to the Sun is called perihelion, and the farthest point is called aphelion. The speed of the planet is highest at perihelion and lowest at aphelion.

It should be noted that the Earth passed through the perihelion this year on January 4 at 20:17. When passing through the perihelion, the distance from the Earth to the Sun was 147,098,290 km.

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