Students were educated about the use of electronic services

31.05.2023 16:14 827 review

Educational meetings on the rules of using electronic services were held with the participation of students and educational staff.

Tehsil.biz informs that the meetings were held at Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku State University, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, Azerbaijan State Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and Azerbaijan State Technical University.

In the meetings organized by the employees of Information and citizen service, as well as Science, higher and secondary education departments of the Ministry of Science and Education, portal.edu.az, dp.edu.az, apply.enic.edu.az, edu.gov.az, e Detailed information about ttfk.edu.az platforms was provided. In addition, the advantages of using electronic services for citizens were discussed.

Then the questions of the participants were answered.

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