Volume I of the book "Azerbaijani Turkish Philosophical and Social Thought History (XIX-XX centuries)" was published

16.06.2023 11:51 791 review

Volume I of the book "History of Azerbaijani Turkish philosophy and social thought (19th-20th centuries)" by Ph.D.

"Tehsil.biz" was informed about this by ANAS.

The scientific editors of the book, published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology dated May 30, 2023, are Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Rafail Ahmadli and Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Zeynaddin Shabanov.

In the first volume of the work, the ways of development of the 19th century Azerbaijani Turkish philosophical thought and the worldviews of the well-known Azerbaijani thinkers of this philosophical thought are discussed. The author analyzed the development of Azerbaijani Turkish philosophical and public opinion history in the direction of the formation of Eastern-Islamic-Turkish culture and philosophy, Western-European culture and philosophy in Azerbaijan, and the problem and solutions of the synthesis of Eastern-Islamic-Turkish philosophy and Western-European philosophy.

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