An employee of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology spoke at an international conference

10.07.2023 11:31 321 review

Alida Zeynalova, a researcher at the Department of Philosophy and Sociological Problems of the Information Society of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of ANAS, spoke online at the 10th International ZEUGMA congress on scientific research (Gaziantep, Turkey) with the topic "Comprehensive personal development in society and its features".

"Tehsil.biz" was told about this from the institute.

The main task of this international scientific conference held in Zeugma, which is considered the mosaic region of the ancient Gaziantep land, is to stimulate the scientific, technical and innovative potential of young scientists, to present the projects and scientific developments of scientists who have achieved significant results in research activity and practical implementation, and to attract the attention of the professional community to the topic of scientific activity. , as well as to contribute to the development of scientists conducting research in various scientific fields.

Speeches at the conference were held in an interesting and interactive discussion format, and conference participants were awarded with international scientific certificates.

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