AzTV prepared a report on the vandalism of Armenians in Lachin - VIDEO

08.09.2022 10:16 474 review

AzTV prepared a report on Armenians burning cemeteries in the city of Lachin, which came under the control of Azerbaijan.

Tehsil.biz informs that the report titled "Another example of vandalism: Armenians burned cemeteries in Lachin" shows that Armenians set fire to houses, residential buildings, forests and even cemeteries here before leaving the city of Lachin.

Recently, the shooting of the famous photojournalist Reza Degati in Lachin was included in the plot.

Here, the photojournalist filmed Armenians insulting the graves of Azerbaijanis, burning houses, forests and cemeteries in the city.

R. Degati said that during the 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenians, about 1 million Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their homes, and Armenians burned the cemeteries of Azerbaijanis and looted their houses. The graves of the Azerbaijanis here were dug up and their gold teeth were taken out.

We present the report:

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