Certificates were presented to the participants of the "Cybersecurity" training project

09.09.2022 14:13 500 review

The closing ceremony of the "Cybersecurity" training project was held at the Educational Technologies Center of the Institute of Education.

The institute informed that Firudin Gurbanov, deputy minister of science and education, spoke at the event and spoke about the project's contribution to education. He emphasized the importance of ensuring users' education in the field of cyber security. F. Gurbanov noted that the participation of students in such training projects encourages their orientation to current and future professional fields.

In his speech, Director of the Institute of Education Rufat Azizov said that in the era of widespread digitalization, problems related to cyber attacks are increasing in our country and in the world, and the work done in the field of cyber security is becoming more and more important.

Student of Oxford University, project trainer Miragshin Abutalibov spoke about innovations. He noted that training specialists in this field accelerates the flow of relevant global companies to our country.

At the end, certificates were presented to the training participants.

It should be noted that the "Cybersecurity" training project was launched by the Institute of Education on the initiative of the Ministry of Science and Education on December 6, 2019. The aim of the training project was to theoretically and practically teach the technological aspects of cyber security to university students studying in relevant and related fields.

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