A meeting was held with the applicants who applied for admission to higher education

09.09.2022 17:18 447 review

On September 8, Rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASUU), professor Mustafa Babanli met with applicants who applied for higher education.

Tehsil.biz informs that the Rector of ASSU, Professor Mustafa Babanlı, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Associate Professor Gasim Mammadov, Associate Professor Hamlet Huseynov, Director of the Institute of Specialization and Retraining of Workers of Industrial Enterprises, faculty deans and applicants who applied for repeated higher education took part in the meeting. they did.

Speaking at the meeting, the rector, professor M. Babanlı, welcomed the applicants to the university who applied for admission to the part-time department of secondary higher education at ASSU in the 2022/2023 academic year, and talked about the teaching process, scientific research works, new projects, cooperation and other things at ASSU. informed about the issues.

Speaking about the works, innovations and shortcomings of ASOSU, the rector, professor M. Babanlı noted that thanks to the large-scale works carried out in the direction of the application of modern and innovative technologies in the teaching process and the creation of an innovative teaching environment, the interest in all levels of education at the university has increased today. Rector M. Babanlı noted that 490 applicants applied for higher education at ASOSU, and said that the documents of 474 of them were considered suitable.

It should be noted that the diplomas of 474 applicants whose applications were accepted for further higher education at ASOSU were sent to the Ministry of Education for verification.

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